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December 3, 2013:
A story in the New York Times is bringing new attention to the potential found in the Oxytocin Hormone to fight autism. Oxytocin makes men more faithful according to new study by scientists who like to go around tempting men with pretty women. If you are a jealous gal, watch out for men in lab coats hanging out with pretty women. (That should be enough of a red flag already.)


Oxytocin and Fidelity:

How does oxytocin make men more faithful? In a new study men were tested with oxytocin and placebos in order to see whether they reacted to pretty women who propositioned them. The committed men with oxytocin were more likely to resist the advances of these women, which shows that oxytocin is good for keeping men from straying, but less fun for homewreckers.

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Does oxytocin nasal spray improve confidence?

PheromaxOOxytocin spray, aka "cuddle spray" has been shown to improve bonding, trust, and closeness in people, and may also help people with autism become more functional in society. Recent studies have found that oxytocin nasal sprays, mists, and sublingual treatments may help people with Autism and Asperger's syndrome feel more empathy and have an easier time dealing with other individuals. For socially awkward or anxious people, oxytocin sprays may make it possible to show the confidence that can get dates, a job, or a promotion, or just feel a little bit more normal in otherwise stressful situations. Note that this site always recommends using the oxytocin spray on yourself in order to improve your own sense of well being, since it generally requires close contact to work and you would look weird telling people that they would like you better if they breathed something out of a spray mist or nasal spray bottle, and offering to share nasal spray on the first date is pretty gross. If you have been diagnosed as autistic, or are somewhere on the autism spectrum, or if you are just nervous about social interactions, then the use of an oxytocin nasal spray supplement may make a distinct difference in your life, and it is still a better idea than ingesting bath salts prior to your next job interview.

Oxytocin SprayFor years, parents have given oxytocin nasal sprays to autistic children and those with Asperger's or other Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms as a way of building bonds and improving socialization. Now, a 2013 study is giving more fuel to the notion that brain development can be changed in children who get dosed with prescriptions of nasally inhaled sprays. Since the popularity of the hormone was explored several years ago, many adults have been self-medicating, although there are some allegedd side effects such as jealousy which naturally arise out of bonds and deep feelings. For those who have issues when it comes to building friendships and who may misinterpret cues, the study shows that there could be some promise for children to develop permanent skills.

Notes and Special Information

Special note:Some studies show that oxytocin also increases jealousy and possessiveness, so be careful and stop taking it if it just turns you into a big jerk.