Autism and Oxytocin Spray


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November 14, 2012:
Oxytocin, now associated with fidelity, is making it a lot harder for strange women to pick up on your man. Either that or he is such a train wreck that they avoid going anywhere near him, and he tells you about fictional admirers just to make you jealous.


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Can oxytocin spray reduce autism symptoms?

Studies show improved empathy, willingness to interact.

Autistic people who take oxytocin sprays have been shown to be more sociable and friendly in cases where they use nasal sprays or mists. People effectively come out of their shells and are able to better read the nonverbal emotions of other individuals. In cases where people have Autism Spectrum disoreder, Asperger's syndrome, social awkwardness, or other issues, the use of oxytocin may improve closeness and also be the catalyst for interactions that breaks the ice in the process of making friends and getting closer to people who would otherwise be closed away from the Autism sufferer's world.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Oxytocin, a hormone associated with birth and bonding, is not a cure-all for autism and in many cases the best thearapies involve getting people to interact with each other and practice common behaviors that may come naturally to the rest of us.